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Aroha Mai
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MAORI - THE LOST TRIBE From the Original Whakapapa Club
Rangi Marie
New Zealand
Posted: 01/07/2006


There were 12 Tribes of the children of Israel. Moses was to lead all the Tribes out of the bondage of Pharohs Egypt through the wildreness and to THEIR Promised land. One of these Tribes wandered off and became lost.
THEY ARE THE MAORI PEOPLE. But it would be Joshua who would lead them to their PROMISED land and to possess that land.
Though they had been said to have come from Hawaiiki, their final
destination and settling home, their "Promised land"...would be Aotearoa - Land of the Long White Cloud and New Zealand.
The plan was of a Divine nature that they wander off, arrive at their
Promised land, become oppressed again under a White English Colonising Race for a time, only to come to this day and age we are living in where there would be a "Calling to Account" the work of Pakeha with Maori and a Divine Judgement as prophesied by our Ancestors. Someone would come with the Mantle of Joshua to pick up the unfinished work, seeing to it the "Unification of Maoridom and the Ordination of our Race would be fulfilled, to come through out on top of our Oppressors. This is how THEY WOULD COME


By making a Treaty with the Maori people the Queen of England and her race of people would enter themselves into a Divine agreement WITHOUT THEM KNOWING. Only to come to the TIMES WE ARE LIVING. To be called to account for their fruitless works here, revealing the true motives for creating THEIR Treaty - a disguised land grabbing takeover plan. But who would have ever thought there would be a Divine Judgement - a far higher Force would come to rescue and deliver our Race of People. THE PROPHESIES OF THE MAORI WILL BE FULFILLED. Now today, thousands upon thousands of our people have committed suicide under their leadership. A white raced Government, Media,
Laws, City Councils continue to force control our generations. Now would be the perfect timing to catch them out! English Colonialisation will never work it never has worked. ITS A WAY OF THINKING THAT IS OF THE DRAGON, who is the Devil and Satan in this Revelation age we are in.


I would like to seek the guidance of our people regarding the calling upon my life. I have the Mantle of Joshua upon me to bring a Divine Judgement by a Divine order. CALLING TO ACCOUNT the work of Pakeha with the Maori people who are the lost tribe of the Children of Israel.


Who would have ever interpreted that overcoming the Dragon in this
Revelation age has nothing to do with the people of the Church. But those individuals in communities and Races who would recognise those who are actually oppressing them through govening bodies are operating uder the same thinking as the Dragon, who is Satan and Lucifer and the Devil. He operated under PRIDE AND ARROGANCE. The same PRIDE AND ARROGANCE that White Raced Dominated Governments including the "Head of State", the Queen are operating under. It was Pride and Arrogance that caused him to fall so shall the same principals apply to those who have long oppressed our people. The same judgement will be used....So the force they have used is the very force that will bring them down twice as hard, by an act of IO (The Supreme God).

Rangi Marie Bosma
Posts: 203

Posted: 02/07/2006
Tena koe rangi marie
Interesting! Thank you
K.Te Keepa Rata Te Awe
Posts: 130
Posted: 20/07/2006
Kia Ora Rangi marie

I love you !!! Ka pai. You are so spot on and I wish more of our whanau understood the blanket of deception we've all been under by the British Crown and unforunately Christianity. A wise koro said to me, if the Tikanga does not align itself with Maori philosophy, it's not ours. Along the way our people have adopted alot of "Tikanga" which is not pono, this has been introduced to us by our colonised whanau. Stay strong and together we will see what we are born to receive.
Tino Rangatiratanga
Ka pai

My email is
I'd like to continue with communicating with you as I believe whole heartedly with your whakaro.

*Te Oimo O Hau Tapu*
The revelation of the breathe of hosting prosperity.
Posts: 203

Posted: 22/07/2006
Thought this article interesting

Lost Tribes

Edited by - pono on Jul 22 2006 10:35:25 PM
K.Te Keepa Rata Te Awe
Posts: 130
Posted: 23/07/2006
Kia Ora Pono,

I have checked out the link above and it's very interesting. Thank you, I will endeavour to go through the advise to change "Faith" to an action word and see if the bible comes alive. I've kept clear of the bible to be honest as I've always felt this doesn't belong to us, this belongs to the Christianity faith. A faith which was used to exploit our culture and take our whenua.

Have you researched this avenue yourself Pono? Just wanting to know your views.

Kia ora

*Te Oimo O Hau Tapu*
The revelation of the breathe of hosting prosperity.
Rangi Marie
Posts: 2
New Zealand
Posted: 24/07/2006
Kia Ora te Whanau,
Thank you for your message, I have not fully researched it, but I am putting this information out there to see what response we get. It was mentioned in Michael Kings Book "The Penguin History of New Zealand" Chapter 2, page 29 quote:"The search by such late 19th century and early 20th century scholars as Edward Tregear and Stephenson Percy Smith for the origins of the Maori (were they Aryan? were they a lost tribe of Israel?) is now recognised as irrelevent."

Because they were SCHOLARS - or educated by English Universities, I believe the truth would either have never been revealed to them, or been suppressed by them - kept quiet. These people have a known history of suppressing the truth - even to this day.

My information comes by Revelation messages - though I do not attend any church. I was 18 years of age when called to fast for 10 years, using the principals as Esther. In simpler terms I have connected myself to a Higher Power to bring Revelation messages - Cause man do we need some help on this earth!
Naku noa
Na Rangi Marie Bosma
Rangi Marie Bosma
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