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Aroha Mai
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Recipe for starter bug for Rewana bread. From the Original Whakapapa Club
New Zealand
Posted: 26/07/2007
Hi I am new to this site. I was hoping that someone out there could tell me how to start a Rewana bug and a recipe for the bread once its ready? Thanks very much[:)
w rewiri
Posts: 138
New Zealand
Posted: 26/07/2007
kiaora weewee2
if you go under Te Reo Maori language under all Panui, you will find all the info you want for Rewena Bread, it is there, I kinda had to find it myself, actually I might write something there so it can come back up front so we don't lose it again.

Posts: 2
New Zealand
Posted: 26/07/2007
thanks 4 ur help, I'd really appreciate if u could bring it forward on that site.
w rewiri
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