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Aroha Mai
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Patai about Fantails From the Original Whakapapa Club
New Zealand
Posted: 07/04/2008
Kia Ora Whanau

Can anyone tell what it means to have a fantail flying outside your house trying to get in.

And once in your whare then what?

I have heard stories about them but am not sure what they mean?

Naku noa

Posts: 138
New Zealand
Posted: 07/04/2008
Usually a sign of bad news, flying around outside is ok, then it depends where you come from, we were at a tangihanga up the Whanganui Awa when 3 fantails flew into the wharepuni, it was the kids that came out running to tell about them, but one of our dear kuia went to have a look and she said they were alright. Mine you it could not have gotten any worse than what we had just gone thru, we had only just buried the 3rd one, one after another. But no for me I don't want to have one fly inside my house.
Posts: 564
Posted: 07/04/2008
Fantail flying inside the home normally signifies someone has died & come to say goodbye
Ruru hooting 3 times in succession often means a death will be imminent
Have seen both occur regularly and the reaction of the elders has been more that of an old friend returning to whisper a warning..they have not feared their visits but welcomed the fact they have been, it gave them time to prepare themselves
Not everyone seems to have these experiences and when I asked an old Kuia once why some people never see them she replies they come to those who
have a connection spiritually with them..those who can not only see but also understand,consider both as friends
My OWN quote-
Whakapapa -'where in ignorance we can confuse the names of the dead, and irritate the living'

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