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*READ FIRST: How to post in the Finding Whanau Section*
In the subject line follow the format SURNAME, Firstname(s): Other Info

Examples: NOHI, Jack: looking for my dad TOHE, Oneroa and WAIRUA, Rerenga

In the message area as much information as possible that you know know, for example

* Parents names
* Childrens names
* Spouse names
* Area from, if known
* Iwi, if known

The more information you can give, the easier it will be for people to awhi (help) you.

If people awhi you, it is good to acknowledge that Smile
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Kia ora! kindly unlocked this thread so I could give more guidelines for how to post in the FInding Whanau section in order to awhi you to hopefully get some answers to find what you are looking for.

Firstly, the Finding Whanau section is more for people you are trying to find from the 1900's onwards as there would be people alive today who may know them personally. If you are looking for someone from the 1800's back, post in the Tracing Tupuna section.

This makes it easy when people are skimming the titles to see if there are any names that they recognise - after all there could be thousands of Jack's but not many NOHI

2. Don't be brief!
Think like a reader - if you saw the following would you be inclined to help?
MESSAGE: Looking for whakapapa

3. Give details if possible
This is a follow on really from the one above, but try and give the parents names if you know them or children's names. Do you know the iwi or the area that they could have lived? The more information that you give, the more help you may get.

4. Reply to a reply
When you create your Thread you will see under the message box, just above the Post Thread button that there are options and one of the options is Notify me when a reply is posted - by putting a tick in that box you will get an email when there is a reply no matter what time has passed between your request and the reply.

5. How to contact you
Some people in their message put phone me on 00000 or email me at xxxxx - however, this could limit the replies that you may get.

You must remember that people are reading your thread on the net, they are here at the time and it is easier for them to reply here than open up an email browser or ring you. Especially if it late at night - will they remember to ring you in the morning or evening of the next day? What if it is someone reading your korero and they are in Australia - should they make a toll call?

If you want to give your email and phone number then also think about also adding something like "a reply here would also be great" so people know that they can still reply here instead of thinking you just want an email or a phone number.

6. List names instead of running them together
Sometimes it takes a while for me to work out who is who from a post. It may be written something like this: (This is made up and not real persons)

Looking for information on Jack Nohi who had Tama who had Hine and Hone, Hine who had no issue, Moana who married Hori whose sister is Aroha the wife of Tama and they had 4 children Tom, Jack and Jill.

Confused? I do see alot like that!

It could be re-written like this:
Looking for information on Jack Nohi who has three children, Tame, Hine and Moana.
Tama married Aroha and they had Hine and Hone.
Hine who had no issue,
Moana married Hori and they had 3 children Tom, Jack and Jill.
Aroha the wife of Tama is the sister to Hori, the husband of Moana

Good luck in your searches Grin
Nau te raurau,
Naku te raurau,
Ka ora ai nga tangata!
Together we will get there!
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