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The NZ Bat and the NZ Wild Bee
Kia ora Whanau!

Wow! I just read an amazing korero by raw about the bat and the native wild bee and thought that I would repost it under it's own topic as I am nosy and want to know more and where I found this korero would not be the right place to ask questions about this korero Grin

The Aviator was all ways the Bat.
An animal I learnt to trust while spending most of my working live in the interior of the Raukumara Ranges on the East Coast.
This animal lives in many ancient hollow trees deep in the native bush.
Tree such as Purere,Rata,or Pukatea,to name a few.
It was these trees that the black native wild bees make there hives in,as these trees when in full bloom encourage many kinds of foods for wild things to ether graze upon it's nectar from the flowers or the berries,but also many are hollow at ground level or some where above,places for hives for honey or homes for bats,and other wild ground dwellers such as Kokako,Weka, Kiwi or wild pigs,as will as over night men.
The Bats were my friends in a way,as they showed one for them to be near then hives may not be far as will.
Wild honey was a lovely food source for the tryer that was able to milk a hive with out waking up the owners as black bees sting seems to be stronger in bite then the other colour full bee.

Ha! I never realised that there were native wild bees or that there were black bees - shows how unobservant I am!

Now I have seen big fat furry black bumble bees - well I thought they were bumble bees - and I have seen full black wasps - well I thought they were wasps as they were making hives in corners of buildings and their body was the same as a wasp.

Raw, I was wondering if you would tell me if the black native wild bees are the same shape and size of the yellow bees or what I thought was a bumble bee or a wasp really the native bee?

Any other korero that you have about the bat or the bee would also be most appreciated - I love learning about things from nature! - Mind you I love learning about most things!

Kia ora for sharing your amazing korero with us raw! Grin

(The post where I found this korero is Let Us Know IF You Find Links Not Working)
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