July 13 2020 01:25:24
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Hello :-)
Hello @ all

my name is Namaori and i have an important question. I don´t know if its right to write here, but the admin can change it if it is necessary.

I´m a girl from germany and i don´t know what my name does means. Someone can help me ?

That would be very nice. I would like soooo much to know what the name means.

Ok......thanks for your attention. You can write here or to my e-mail adress : namaori.birdsong@arcor.de

Thanks and many greetings

Ok......I see..the admin change my post.... thats ok.....

But is someone tehre who can help me with me question please ? Please !


are you writing here because you are related to Maori people in New Zealand? because your name simply means.. Maori thats about it
Hiiiii Gin198......

how nice....someone write me.... :-)

no I'm there with anyone related there. I have this name and i don´t know what he means.

I want to know it.......because I like my name so much. Many people said....to me..Maori or only Ori. But I like it if they speak it completly......

For me...it´s a wouderful name. I feel very good with it....but I want to know what it means....

Mabey you can help me.....? :-)

Oki....thats it in the nmoment... :-ä)

love greets

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