November 26 2020 12:02:17
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Looking for Blake Parapara.
I am looking for my dad brother's Blake Parapara, My late Grandmother whangai out Blake to Bim Parapara of Te Araroa. This is the only name that my father know of Blake's whangai Mum.

The only small information i was told by my dad, Blake whangai into the Parapara whanau of Te Araroa, He Part africa American from his father side.(when the US Navy was here in the 1940)???.

My dad met Blake as a child, when my dad was about 10 year old, when his school (Tikitiki) at a sport day in Te Araroa, and again when both men in their 20's. When Blake and my dad were working down in the South island, Both men had full out, and that was the last time saw each other, about each 50 years ago
Can anyone from the Parapara whanu, can anyone help please, Thank you:)
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