June 25 2018 04:31:45
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Social welfare
Kia ora

The news again, a bipolar fella has been locked away for his own good. He is deemed very dangerous and needs to restrained, some days, he is that dangerous, he is left in his own urine and crap, eating and drinking his own piss, until he calms down. The hospital he is in doesn’t even have a funneling system to move him form one ****ty room to another, until it is cleaned; or drug his food, put him to sleep, a report has already come out about the care W.I.N.Z has been giving Kiwi children. But you get as good as you truly care for and now ‘a’ days, pay for. If that guy was a lion or a bear (very dangerous 24/7) he would get his own paddock to run freely in and a purpose made sleeping quarters, to suit his natural condition. But the lion and the bear, they make money. We are in the west, we are civilization as his dad rightly said, but the health system, isn’t even treating that kid like a human, vicious animals get a better treatment.
Make it worst they get a small quietly spoken white female doctor so say ‘he’s dangerous and hurting us’ She needs to be held for trail with the others, for “cruel and inhumane’ treatment of animals?
I suppose this is something a Nazi would have said, when they were captured or “Im only doing what im told’ or a great one ‘I was doing my job.
Hone Key is sneakily hiring people with the same attributes as himself, and Paula Bennet. Both these people are living proof of the bad job Social welfare has done, both were beneficiaries of the benefit, of its money, its schemes, and its housing system. And both have returned to destroy it. The world is slowly been overrun by idiot educated people with no soul and a healthy helping of self greed. Which is why Donald Trump is doing so well.

Kia ora
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