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Tracing my roots
Hi Everyone,

Im extremely new to this and have no idea of language or protocols ,

I have just started doing our family tree and have traced back on my mothers side to Porohiwi Koko whose father was Porohiwi and his father was Te Koropi and his father was Te o Tane whose father was Te Maaha whose brother was Tapuwae, (ive had a bit of help with this.

So they were from the Wairoa region, so hopefully im not being rude but i guess what im looking for is any info on relatives from there area how i would go about finding them and my marae etc etc really anything would be great, if it helps Koko married David lewis and its from one of there daughters Martha (maata) Theresa lewis that we link to...

Hopefully someone knows something or can point me in the right direction please..

Thanks in advance

Hi All

Not having much luck or response but have a hint that we could be closley related to the Beattie Whanau from Wairoa way.. Any help info or point in the right direction would be awesone
kiwichris from the archive here.

1874/12031 Martha Teresa Lewis Christopher Gray. is this Martha's marriage? from births deaths and marriages historical section u can order a printout for $20 (printout is a copy of document has more info, cheaper than a cert which is transcribed from the document and can have transcribe errors). This may list names, birthdates, birthplace, parents names and tribes, hapu etc. Marriage certs are accurate as they r completed by the person themselves as opposed to death certs as the informant maybe not a direct relly so doesn't know the person whakapapa/geneology.
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