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Tracing back Paratene whakapapa
Kia Ora,

I'm tracing back my Dad's side of whakapapa further back, it's very hard to find Paratene whakapapa as there is very little information out around internet. I have found my great great great grandma Caroline Paratene and unable to trace back further but googling up it's connected to Paratene Te Manu and when they all had to leave Hauturu, it also mention two daughters Sarah and Caroline Paratene.


Two daughters:

PARATENE Caroline (I'm not sure if Sarah and Caroline had Maori names, as there's no birth certificates back in the mid 1800s, but I do feel that they do have a Maori name.)

Caroline married to John Campbell. (I have got their marriage certificate, but the names of their parents isn't listed, they married up North in Mongonui)

Caroline and John Campbell had a daughter Elizabeth Edith Campbell.

Elizabeth Edith Campbell married to Arthur Frank Norris etc

This discovery I found Paratene is from Ngatiwai iwi. (My father only knows he's from iwi Ngapuhi, but don't know the hapu and marae)..

I have signed up to register on Ngatiwai and also waiting for their confirmation to verify this connection.

Thanks all and cheers.
Kia ora,

If you go to the Whakapapa Club http://whakapapa.... you will see at the top right of the Whakapapa Club pages there is a place where you can enter a surname to search the records and there are quite a few results. You can check out other posts as well as names in the lists.

Whakapapa Cub is my preferred place of choice to search for whakapapa as there are resources there that are not in the Papa Panui at maori.org.nz !

https://www.famil...ealand%22~ is a link showing alot of Paratene from north from the family search site.

You can then change the names in the search box on the left but keep the country set to New Zealand, although I did narrow it down to Northland, New Zealand as there were too many. Sometimes it is better to search for just a surname as you never know who you will find.

NOTE: Not all of the info in that site is accurate but it is a good place to start.

Good luck!! Smile
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Nau te raurau,
Naku te raurau,
Ka ora ai nga tangata!
Together we will get there!
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