April 24 2018 09:04:54
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Matekuare East Coast Marae
Te Karaha
Kia Ora

My name is Dixie Matekuare I am trying to find out where my connection to the East Coast. My mothers name Elaine Matekuare (nee Iraia) Her Mother name Tiwhakaawe Karaka she married my Grandfather Maruiwi Iraia Huerea form Te Whaiti Ngatiwhare.

The only imformation I can give is my mother has land at Waipiro just a few that may help Waipiro 2Z4/A3A2/A3B1/A43B hope this is of any Help to anyone that can help all Id like to know where is my Marae my hapu Iwi:.

Thank you to anyone that can help
Kia ora
Te Karaha
Does n e 1 use this siteSleep
Lol, This site was once vibrant but now seems dormant Try looking for Maraes in that area on Facebook and ask on there
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