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TE AMOHAU, Pehimana: Seeking immediate whanau and uplines
In 1860 Fenton reported that Pehimana te Amohau, was a chief of Ngati Te Keriwai hapu of Ngati Mahuta at Pirongia (West coast, North Island). Otherwise known as Ngati Kiriwai perhaps. My great grandmother’s obituary says that she was his daughter and that he was an uri of Te Taniwha and Te Hiakai, but some of my whanau have other ideas. As mentioned above I’m seeking details of his immediate whanau and uplines.

Whether those Te Amohau whanau in Rotorua are related is another matter. Contact by PM or email is welcomed too
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Kia ora,

Because of Maori naming conventions it often pays to search for a first name as a surname. Understanding the Maori naming conventions can also open up new avenues for you to explore as you may see a name that you know could be from the same whanau, including all of the different variations of all of the names.

The Whakapapa Club Search will create searches for you. Use this form and do a search for PEHIMANA as a surname - do not use the "Te" and leave the first name blank. Then click the generate search. Underneath the "google Search box" you will see a link to searching Pehimana at the family search site - click that link.

Take a look through those results - there is a couple of entries there where there is a child called Taniwha. I am not sure if these are the whanau you are looking for but it does give a place to look.

Also while there run a search for Taniwha - just putting that in the surname box and one for Hiakai. Don't use the TE in the surname box as then you will get results for everyone whose surname starts with Te Grin

Now while the fs site does have some good info it also has some dates, spellings etc that are just plain wrong - I can say that as I have seen it whith my own whanau records there. However, it can be a good starting point.

Good luck and if you want any other suggestions or ideas then feel free to post back here Smile
Nau te raurau,
Naku te raurau,
Ka ora ai nga tangata!
Together we will get there!
Thanks Poutokomanawa. Our whakapapa club search was how I found the Fenton report mentioned. I have a fair idea who Taniwha and Te Hiakai are but I do not have the names linking them to Pehimana. Hiakai Pehimana is probably linked to him too but again no linking names
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