April 22 2019 02:19:14
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New Whakapapa Club is Now Live
WhakapapaClub.nz is the new domain for our Whakapapa Club which is alot easier to navigate around than the old Whakapapa Club.

Some of the new features inclue:
The ability to login using Facebook
The ability to Like a post
The ability to tag members and if you are tagged you will automatically get an email lietting you know as well as the url for the post that you were tagged in.

The lists are linked now, so if you are looking in a list from the north, at the bottom of the page will be toehr lists relating to the north.

We would really appreciate it if you could visit http://www.whakap... and like / share pages as we are now back to 0 likes and 0 shares for the Whakapapa Club.

The new URL is WhakapapaClub.NZ - how easy is that to remember!
Heoi ano,
maori.org.nz Team
http://www.maori.org.nz/ - the Main Maori Site on the Net

http://www.whakapapaclub.nz/ The Whakapapa Club - Your First Stop for Finding Whakapapa

http://www.themaorimegamall.com/ - a virtual mall specialising in Maori products

http://www.maoricreations.com/ - specialising in Maori Design products - you can also create your own with our kowhaiwhai templates
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