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Hawaiki Nui Hawaiki Roa Hawaiki Pamamao
What I have found, its been broken down and defined. to gain a better understand and give you the freedom of your own take of these meanings.

Ha = Breath, breathe, taste

Wai = Instructions given, memory. Recollection of words.

Ki = Full, say, tell, mention, think

Nui = Big, Large

Pa = Touch, blow as the wind.

Ma = Clean, white, clear

Mao = Distant

Roa = Long, tall. Long (of time), delayed. Length. Length of time, delay

The following is translated in english but in the original order of the word/s which means the sentence can be written in two forms. Which is then reiterated as close to its meaning as possible.

Hawaiki = Breath/e instructions given full
1. Full breath, instructions given
2. Breathe full, instructions given

Hawaiki Nui = Large Full breath of instructions given.

Hawaiki Roa = Long/Delayed Full breath of instructions given.

Hawaiki Pamamao = Blow as the wind, clean, distant, full breath of instructions given
Touch, clean, distant, full breath of instructions given.

Pamamao has many meanings, too many to number, so I have used the meanings that relate with the first two.

My theory as to this most famous saying, is the method of learning from heaven, because there was only ONE type of instruction that truly mattered Father’s instructions. So breathe in deeply, slowly and you literally breathe in the instructions. Then exhale them, and this is a repeated process.

I believe it’s related to our tukutuku panels and the poutokomanawa (cetral coloumn) of the wharenui. It’s related because the instructions are from heaven taken in from the mouth and the longer the breath the more insructions are consumed. The reason the tukutuku panels are around the whare inside, The poutokomanawa represents My Ancestors and the tukutuku panels represents My Ancestors Visions and how he/she saw the world all around them.

The ‘X’ used to create stairs in the tukutuku panels represents the FIRST word of God in the Maori Culture. Which is HOW you follow the steps of heaven, which then refers back to the oldest most common sayings in Aotearoa.

Hawaiki Nui
Hawaiki Roa
Hawaiki Pamamao

Incidently, when you begin to breathe in instructions of heaven your breath becomes, over time, naturally clear, or clean.

Thanks for reading
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