July 10 2020 20:37:12
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$1 a day is all it takes whanau
Kia ora Whanau

What does a $1 buy you these days?

A packet of lollies?
A packet of chewing gum?
Maybe a drink if you're lucky?

Not much right?

I am a registered Financial Services Advisor

My mahi is to show our whanau out there whether they be big or small whanau for just $1 a day that $1 can cover the WHOLE whanau (Mum, Dad and ALL the kids under 18 years) for basic Tangi Cover. And not only that I can also advise the whanau how they can get unveiling cover too for an extra 15 cents per day.

Alot of our whanau are unfortunately unprepared when a Tangi happens and mainly because of the lack of putea. We struggle as Whanau to make do (cause thats how we are) however many whanau are still paying off the Tangi, 6 months, 1 year down the track. Then we have our unveilings to take care of, yes more putea, our fundraising starts happening.

My mahi is to educate and awhi our whanau out of these predicaments and financially prepare them if a Tangi was to happen.........That $1 a day will take their worries away. And the best time to put a plan in place is RIGHT now, not after its happened.

Have a listen whanau, I'm available to advise you all FREE of charge

I will come to your whare (if you are in Auckland) if outside Auckland I can get you in touch with an Advisor in your area..........You need to book me though as there aren't many maori advisors out there- We need more!

If you are interested in doing what I do for mahi, email me at tollybear@gmail.com, you must have reasonably good credit, no criminal convictions, restricted or full drivers licence however most importantly you MUST have a passion to help our people out there.

We are looking for Maori Advocates all throughout Aotearoa only, you must be willing to travel to Auckland for 2 weeks training, don't worry about accommodation you can stay with me if you don't mind the mattresses on the floor styles!

Email me at tollybear@gmail.com for all enquiries

Kia ora
Kia ora whanau, we are having another intake of hiring so please email tollybear@gmail.com if you wish to mahi! Kia ora! or text me 0212539803

Now we don't do credit checks, just need restricted or full drivers licence and no criminal convictions
Kia ora for this info ShelC - is this just for NZ or can whanau in Oz sign up to?
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