Thread subject: Papa Panui - Notices :: Biblical Fruit

Posted by Plumduffannie on 06-12-2011 21:32

The bible is no more holy than the koran. The Truth is there is no proof for the existence of any deities. Having faith that there is a God is side-stepping proof. Exhorting the truth through faith is unethical. Muslims will profess with equal fervour that Allah is the one true God. The bible is a seriously outdated book full of anomalies, violence, slavery and prejudice. We are the same gene pool as the great apes. They have 24 pairs of chromosomes, we have 23. This was a biological nightmare called the missing link that pervaded until the last 20 years when it was proven that in humans fusion took place on the second chromosome. That fusion is the quintessential reason why human brains have developed a lot more quickly than otherwise. While science must admit it does not know the answers to how it all began (if in fact there was a beginning), the knowledge base forever grows. The stagnant word for word adherence to the bible which leaves room for so much speculation smacks of power-mongering from days well and truly gone by.