Thread subject: Papa Panui - Notices :: Biblical Fruit

Posted by Plumduffannie on 07-12-2011 18:51

God a realty broker? Please. The Creator of the known Universe thus far versus a deity who is concerned about residential property development in the desert? Na. And, how hard is it to write 10 commandments, 5 of which are about himself! He commands us to love him, believe him, not blaspheme him. If he was so smart how come he can't control Lucifer? We "know" why. Because that is the other half of reality. Like tsunami, floods, sickness, the life cycle which includes physical death um war, genocide, cruelty. Good and bad. Cultures pre and post Christianity are quite capable of discerning theft, dishonour and covetousness. The Arab Nation is responsible for great leaps of knowledge, in particular Algebra and Astronomy. Then along came religion and called it heresy. They to this day have never recovered. When Mohammed held sway over the middle east, they did not crusade against Christianity. The same cannot be said when the Christian crusades kicked in. And do not start me on God works in mysterious ways. The Bible has been one of the greatest marketting achievements of all time..........then came the World Wide Web. As an aside www in Hebrew? 666. Coincidence is such a beautiful thing. Just think, you and I would never have crossed paths otherwise. Kia ora mai ano.