Thread subject: Papa Panui - Notices :: Biblical Fruit

Posted by Ngamotu34 on 08-12-2011 07:41

Did I say anything about God being a realty broker or His mysterious ways? Sure, we don't understand everything yet, we don't have to be know-it-alls. But we can be pretty sure that in the 1,000 year age that Israel will be the land from which the world is ruled.

Watched 2 good programs on TV yesterday, one on the History channel about Nostradamus, 2012 etc, & another on the BBC Documentary channel? about the Bible/Cross, both secular & very good.

I said that God chose the descendants of Abraham because even tho Abraham was an Iraqi, he attempted to obey God. God doesn't control people or impose Himself upon us. We have a free choice. So did Lucifer.

Cultures do have an inbuilt ability to know what's right & wrong, God put that capacity there because we were made in His image. We call it conscience. But sometimes we act like we haven't got one.
Islam is also a religion & existed before that. We must have read different books about the history of Islam! They had their Crusades too, & still do. We are seeing prophesies come to fruition concerning the Arab states & Israel. I watch 2 programs on Daystar TV on Monday nights about these, very interesting.

Interesting too about www being 666. I have an old book about Bible numerics which confirms its authenticity from numerics alone.