Thread subject: Papa Panui - Notices :: Biblical Fruit

Posted by Plumduffannie on 16-12-2011 08:16

My cousin came to visit me one day and was so excited because he had just come from a session with a clairvoyant. "How much did she scam out of you?" was my first question followed by, "Let me tell you for free what she told you. You will go on a trip over the next two months. Your right leg will give you trouble and you will meet someone during this trip that will leave a lasting impression on you. At some future stage you will see her again but not right now". (Words to that effect). He was astonished, "Do you know her cuz, did she call you?" "No I just guessed", did not satisfy him, so I asked for $20 just for the hell of it. Within 5 minutes we were killing ourselves laughing.

Anyway that kuare first post implies that unless you are spiritually mature you cannot know the Truth. So we have this amazing brain for nothing! Things that have always bothered me about religion, but more especially the Abrahamic ones which I am more familiar with:

Easter - the celebration of sacrifice
Jesus - the scapegoat
Christmas - the celebration of adultery
Immaculate conception - the celebration of rape (Mary had no say)
Eat, this is my body; drink, this is my blood - the celebration of cannibalism

I'll grant that I have viewed the foregoing at an obtuse angle, but the notion of an archaic, desert dwelling, ignorant, warfaring, tribal, stone age peoples handing a book of life down through the ages is downright idiotic.
Abraham's faith is tested by this Omniscient Being instructing him to offer his son Isaac up as a Sacrifice. Bear in mind this is the same guy that made the Universe, in 6 days less than 6,000 years ago, and then, made us in his image, although I fail to see why he would have a body like ours. He is also very concerned with who we are sleeping with. The thought that there is an all-seeing, all-knowing sky daddy watching our every move is plain creepy. And all those sanitized, white Jesus pictures and beautiful scenes, virgin Mary's, halos, cherubs, warm fuzzies are not a true representation of the reality of those times. In fact what we see on the world news, the fighting, the poverty, the oppression, the homelessness is much closer than the saintly marketing machine with which religion has become so richly endowed.