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Posted by Ngamotu34 on 17-12-2011 07:10

What use is Truth to mankind if only the spiritually mature can grasp it?
Sure, you need to be spiritually aware or alive to get it, & many people are, - atheists included.
Nevertheless, many atheists grasp & accept it when they have minds open enough to search the scriptures of Christianity & other religions for themselves, - instead of accepting the status quo of religion.
So, you're right, - we are able, & should do so, to make sense of it all with our brains, if we are willing.
And you're right about the misrepresentation & misunderstanding of the times, past, present & future, & the role of Israel & the scriptures in it all.
I'm still learning, but it's an exciting trip & not easy to condense it in blogs!

But God did make us in His image, spiritually!
Adam stuffed that up & we've inherited his spiritual genes.
If you believe there is a Creator, you must wonder why He made the universe. He made it for the same reason as humans provide a home for their children. He loves us & wants us to be happy & treat each other right.
He doesn't force us to, we make the choice. It's not His fault that we war against each other, live greedy lives while others starve, abuse our children, get AIDS etc..
Of course He cares about who we sleep with, - I've been around in my own life. My family still suffer from that.

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