Thread subject: Papa Panui - Notices :: Biblical Fruit

Posted by Plumduffannie on 18-12-2011 13:58

I take no issue with an individual's personal beliefs. I know their faith has been the the only reason they have turned their lives around. It could have been faith in another person, an inspirational book, maturity, co-incidence and many others, but the innumerable cases for God are a testament to willpower and a guiding influence. What I do have serious difficulty with, (for example) is a guy sitting in the finest linens, drinking out of golden chalices, housing some of the worlds finest artworks and is the Head of State of Vatican City, a sovereign state entirely enclaved within the city of Rome. Then, there are the fire and brimstone evangelists, and the extremists like Westboro Church and Jihadists. I have great admiration for the father of 4 who works 5 days a week takes care of his family and " hands 10% of his income to God. But when you see the "dear leader" driving around in a hummer and residing in a mansion in "exclusive" Whitford, logic begins to weave its unstoppable truth. This is not "God at Work". The hand of the oppressor is utterly dependent upon the minds of the oppressed. The victim is Truth.