Thread subject: Papa Panui - Notices :: Biblical Fruit

Posted by tane_ariki on 22-12-2011 15:54

Plumduffannie wrote:
accepted that Jesus Christ is the Messiah & saviour of humanity, that He was the Creator in the flesh, lived a perfect life so was qualified to be the scapegoat replacing animal sacrifices; rose from the dead; & gave us His Spirit to enable us to bear fruit.

Bro step back and read this and realise the enormity of what it is saying.

I will not live my life with someone else's blood on my hands. There is no way some guy died for me or anyone else in order to be saved. So a sadists bashes the life out of someone, accepts "the Lord as his Saviour" and hey presto, it's all good? Whereas a guy in the Borneo jungle who knows nothing about JC, Big Daddy or Spook but has his own cultural relativism is doomed to the eternal fires of Sheol? This defies logic.

Well tbh we don't know if we're condemned to that Borneo dude's sheol or hell or gehenna or where it is we're going to be condemned to (if we are condemned at all).

Plumduffannie wrote:
But God did make us in His image, spiritually!
Adam stuffed that up & we've inherited his spiritual genes.
If you believe there is a Creator, you must wonder why He made the universe. He made it for the same reason as humans provide a home for their children. He loves us & wants us to be happy & treat each other right.

Bro, you are in thrall. This is fairyspeak. I note the rider "If you believe" What we all know is the tremendous suffering throughout the world. I have hope for humanity, that we will learn, that we will prevail. The notion that some crazed deity destroys this planet and saves only those who "believe" in him is wrong. Does a parent walk away from their child, right or wrong, .....ever? You hang in there, guiding, patient, reinforcing, strong, loving until they come through the other side and I don't have figures, but the majority do. Certainly when they do wrong, finding a scapegoat is not an option.

I identify as a Christian and thank you for posing the questions you have. So many Christians have become mentally lazy tis not funny. I do question various Christian doctrines but I wouldn't say that I am not a believer - I only question the lack of commonsense that many Christians have.