Thread subject: Papa Panui - Notices :: Old Papa Panui 2004 - 2008 is Available for Viewing

Posted by maoriorgnz on 09-05-2012 00:30

Tena koutou,

After a year of trying everything we could think of to recover the data from the old Papa Panui so that we could get all of the posts from 2004 - 2010 we have finally admitted defeat for that.

However, we had an old backup for the period 2004 - 2008 and have therefore put those posts back up. They are fully searchable and seeing how much information is in them was amazing! We actually enjoyed having a read through to see what the main korero was about back then.

While rummaging through all of our backup databases we came across the original forums before the Papa Panui as well as the old news board. We have therefore added these into the Archives.

All of these are fully searchable - you may be surprised what you can find in them!