Thread subject: Papa Panui - Notices :: KARORA, Te Rau: Help to fill in the gaps about Te Rau Karora

Posted by poutokomanawa on 30-05-2012 13:39

Kia ora ano Kina Smile

I spend quite a bit of time trying to awhi others so getting awhi is really appreciated - well as the saying goes awhi mai awhi atu!

Nehemia Te Rau is my great grandfather and Keremeneta (also known as Mehana) is the brother of Koro.

Now sometime in the past - I don't have my papers with me at the mo - I got my hands on baptism and marriage records from Te Hapua in the endless lifetime whakapapa search. Whenever I get info, be it korero or written, I always add a note in my whakapapa records so years later, if I need to check things, I know where to go - well that is the theory anyway! Grin

Anyway, the Baptism Record #147 is for Wiri and so is the Marriage Record #32. Both records have her dad as Te Rau Karora and her mum as Katarina.

And now I have realised that I am going to have to spend a few days merging my whakapapa files as I have bits and pieces in a whole lot of different files! had to go through 3 files before I found the record numbers - and I knew I had them somewhere!

Ah, the joys of whakapapa Grin