Thread subject: Papa Panui - Notices :: KARORA, Te Rau: Help to fill in the gaps about Te Rau Karora

Posted by trev on 18-12-2017 16:02

Te Rau Karora once lived opposite north cape island. his children recognised themselves as Ngati waiora.

he had tatoos on his buttocks and practiced rakau takaro at north east side of parengarenga harbor.

He took 2 wives who were 2 sisters from the South Island during a war expedition, Kataraina ngaumata and a wiri believed to be those 2 sisters.

His daughters also had those names e.g - (wiri waitai) te paea subritzky's mother and (kataraina ratahi) aka ngahou who are both sisters.

whangakea block was his along with nehemia taipari, keremeneta and mihaka. Weather they are his sons or appear to be relatives of who his sons are maybe named after is unknown.

he was evicted off pandora (whangakea) by the government which colonel mcdonnell had some involvement. mcdonnell visited the area as a land sale agent but that is as far that story goes. As result he went to marua.

His grave appears to be mysteriously unknown of his whereabouts and I believe that our karauna would've mentioned about it if it was known as she mentioned alot about him...

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