Thread subject: Papa Panui - Notices :: Finding my Marae and Iwi

Posted by MrsRickP on 02-02-2017 18:27

Ok, hi everyone! Please put me in my place if I am offending anyone/culture. I am just learning about my culture and ancestors.
It is my 80 year old Mum's wish to visit her ancestors Marae before she departs this earth but here is the problem. I started researching last year and didn't click the "notify me of a reply" button so thought no one could help that bit sorted now and have two very kind people help me out!
So my ancestors are Wi Kingi Te Awhitu born in 1801 and Died 1882. He married Pirihira Matangi...born 1812 and died 1897. I believe that Wi Kingi Te Awhitu is from the Te Ati Awa but I have absolutely no idea on how I would go about finding the Marae of either of them. Wi Kingi Te Awhitu is my GGG Grandfather. I believe his parents go by the names of Piko and Tuturaumaiawa but surnames are unknown. Sorry I can't give you any more information. I look forward to any advice anyone is willing to give me.
Thank you very much, I do know that if I get some info my Mum is going to be very happy Smile