Thread subject: Papa Panui - Notices :: Enquiring about a Facebook group and if there is a whakapapa programme for recording our research

Posted by poutokomanawa on 05-12-2017 09:16

Kia ora.

There is a new facebook page - [url=Whakapapa Club][/url] that has just been started.

I know what you mean about not being able to record waka etc except in notes. There used to be a Whanau Records here where we could do that, but after the crash that disappeared. Seeing as the site is being recoded maybe that could be revived Grin

I use Geneweb which I like as it will draw the "bramble bush" trees and not just the pedigree charts. So if you have the lines from say 4 children of a captain of a waka down to you it will draw all of those lines, showing where they join. If they join multiple time it will show that as well Smile

One way I get the waka in is I do I create a "Title" for people. For example Rangatira o NAME OF WAKA then I can look up all of the people for that, or for the Rangatira title. So using the same idea I suppose you could create a title Uri o te Waka NAME OF WAKA or for those who were on board Tangata o te Waka NAME OF WAKA. Not sure if that would work in Legacy though but may give you some ideas of how to work around it Smile

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