Thread subject: Papa Panui - Notices :: Whakapapa Club is Being Transfered to a New System

Posted by maoriorgnz on 11-01-2018 08:56

The Whakapapa Club has come of age so is moving out of to it's own domain. This has made the transfering of the data far easier.

We have found that we have over 20,000 names in the lists - didn't know that - and are currently linking them so that if you are looking at births in Northland for example, at the bottom of a very long page there are links to other northland records.

The Email Directories and the Original News Board (which both had there own search place as could not be searched from the main search) have now been combined into the main search.

The current Avatars have been transfered over.

In the new forum system (the tranfering of our current forums has worked) you can like posts as well as subscribe to them. YOu will also be able to tag members. The forum has a seperate search but you can access either the main search or the forum search from any page.

The Original Whakapapa Club forums will not be moved at this point in time - the webmaster wants to get the main transfering done, then put the Original Forum into the new forum so that it will be searchable from one of the two forums instead of having a different search place.

Our new site is webamster friendly at the moment so we need a couple more days to get it user friendly.

The new site will be live by 9am Sunday Morning (Aotearoa Time).