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Tikanga @
Explores concepts of tikanga, parts of the whare, marae protocol, including tangihanga (funerals), hura kohatu (unveilings), mihi (speeches), how to introduce yourself in Maori, games and past times and a definition and role of kaumatua.
Date Added: 01/01/1970 12:00 Visits: 6011
The Process of Maori Mourning and Grief at the time of death
Tangihanga, the traditional Maori mourning ceremony where whanau, hapu and iwi come together under the mantle of whanaungatanga (family relationships) through love, respect and sorrow to grieve unashamedly in the Maori fashion over the loss of loved ones
Date Added: 01/01/1970 12:00 Visits: 3896
Tangi – Maori funeral practice
The tangi or tangihanga embraces the funeral rites accorded a person before the body is finally interred. The Maori belief is that the tupapaku (body of the deceased person) should not be left on its own at any stage after death. Hence people will gather
Date Added: 01/01/1970 12:00 Visits: 3651
Powhiri - NZ's Welcoming Spirit
Through this feature, we invite you to take part in a powhiri, a Maori ceremony of welcome. We hope that this will be one of many cultural experiences that you will discover and enjoy during your visit to Aotearoa New Zealand.
Date Added: 01/01/1970 12:00 Visits: 2956
Maori Death and Ritual
Maori culture is rich in mythology and tradition. Though much has changed over the years, the Maori still preserve the essence of their beliefs and traditions continue to play a significant role in Maori life. The ritual surrounding death and the mourning
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Time of Maori Mourning
The kuia are starting to karanga. The last speeches are taking place. Dad's widow is crying. All this tangihanga is making a very big noise. Now the children, the last whanau, the children of his third family, are wailing and holding each other. I have al
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Marae Protocol for Ngaiterangi
Kawa is the word used to describe the protocol or sequence of events which occur on the Marae. Each Iwi have their own distinctive Kawa Protocol although in Tauranga, the three dominant Iwi have a shared kawa called Tau-utu-utu.
Date Added: 01/01/1970 12:00 Visits: 2367
Song of Waitaha : Histories of a Nation
Song of Waitaha : The Histories of a Nation is a book which brings the oral traditions and history of the early peoples of New Zealand
Date Added: 01/01/1970 12:00 Visits: 1878
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