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What Has Happened to the Papa Panui and Whakapapa Club
Tena koutou katoa

Here is an explanation of what has been happening and what we are doing to get the Papa Panui and the Whakapapa Club back up and running.

Websites run off what is called a web server - a computer dedicated to serving pages on the web, which is why they are called web servers. Most websites are small and are on what are called shared servers, where many sites share a single server. However, because of the size of maori.org.nz we have a dedicated server - one web server just for maori.org.nz

March last year the server crashed due to a CPU failure - that is a physical part of the server. This was replaced and we realised that that was a tohu that things were not going to go too well on the server, so we ordered a new one and then our bill was changed to reflect the new server.

In December 2010 the site started to go down a lot and then we found out that although we were paying for a new server the site was still being run from the old one.

At the beginning of January 2011 the old server died - both hard drives packed up - the main drive with the website on it as well as the backup drive.

We managed after a few weeks to get the bulk of maori.org.nz online - we are with a new provider - then we went to restore the Papa Panui and the Whakapapa Club. Both of these run off a database and although our backup hard drive had failed we also had manual backups of the database. Imagine our shock and horror when we went to restore the Papa Panui with our own manual backup done 27th November 2010 only to find that the backup only went as far as August 2008! You would not have wanted to be around at that point in time ....

We contemplated restoring that as an archive only but when we ran the codes to do that we THEN found out that we did not have all of the code files for our Papa Panui and Whakapapa Club and it was spitting errors. Not to be daunted we went off to the site that is the backend of the Papa Panui and Whakapapa Club only to find that site does no longer support the code as it is obsolete and that (programming) language is being phased out. That also means that eventually all of the code for maori.org.nz will have to be re-written - but that is another issue.

What We Are Doing Now
We have found an archive site on the net and are at this exact moment extracting their backups - they go until July 2010. This is a very slow process - we have been running the extraction code for 72 hours now and have recovered 807 pages so far and there are 7326 pages to still to go unless they find more then that number will increase. This does not mean that the Papa Panui and Whakapapa Club will be restored - this only means that we will have all of the posts for a historical, archival record.

Where to From Here
We recognise the benefits of the Papa Panui and Whakapapa Club and will be creating another one. Currently we are researching which programming language to use then which code to use. This phase will be completed by the end of next week, then we will install our new Papa Panui. This will be up by the end of March 2011

He Mihi Aroha
To those of you who have taken time out to contact us and offer encouragement, we truly appreciate it. Your emails helped to keep us going and looking for solutions and when we finally get back, you can honestly say that you have helped maori.org.nz
Finished researching and am starting to convert the code to the same look and feel as maori.org.nz
will put the site up tonight so it is available tomorrow - may not have registrations enabled but done enough tweaking to get the bulk done.
New Papa Panui and Whakapapa Club online and all maori.org.nz links updated to go to the new pages.

Links have been xfered over as well as the articles and the lists for the Whakapapa Club.

Probably do the EMail Directories for the Whakapapa Club next - need to think about merging the database or finding a way to call 2 different dbs
EMail Directories for the Whakapapa Club online again - just a quick fix to get them up as a member was looking for marae info. Cannot add or edit at the mo.
thank you all for all your hours of very hard and loyal work I am very thankful. Well new begginings i guess, there was so much korero said in those threads and posts,I cant wait to start a new thread. In the early days i did start to print out the early stuff but that got to much in the end, and a change of address and job didnt help much. Last i recall the hits i got was about 1020,000, i dont want to boast about the numbers but the korero was amazing anyway once again thanks Maori. org
I did have thoughts that the SIS hacked there way in there because of the vast amont of unique information, history, whakapapa, knowledge and thoughts of so many people/`.
Tena tatou e hoa ma,

Kua hoki mai ahau.

Mena ka hiahia koutou e nga mahita o tenei paetukutuku, e pai ana ahau ki te awhina i a koutou ki te tiaki ano i tenei papa korero. Kei a koutou te tikanga.

Heoti ano ra
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