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Kia ora whanau!

Did you know that ta moko is diamond engagement rings? No? Well I didn't either until today!

I clicked on the link Ta Moko (33016) - number 3 on the top links at the Papa Panui thought that I would find information about, well, ta moko - that being for want of a better term in english, body tattooing.

Well, imagine my surprise when the page loaded and I could read about diamond engagement rings! Seriously - it seems that tamoko.org.nz is a site that has reinvented itself - I suppose diamond engagement rings are more lucrative than ta moko - well what you and I know as ta moko anyway.

So I have posted this in Maori Sites of Yesteryear seeing as the original site that actually related to tamoko has disappeared.

Tena koe kakawahanui,

Sadly it appears that this site stopped functioning in 2008 as it has not been archived since then so there is no way to tell.

If you would like to view the site as it was, here is a link to the real tamoko.org.nz site as it was.

Unfortunately we cannot tell if the diamond engagement rings is the result of a hacker who changed the site or not. we were once affected by a hacker back in about 2008 but restored our site fast.

If you know the owners of this site and find out that it is still operational as the tamoko.org.nz site and the diamond rings are the work of a hacker, post here to let us know and add it into the links directory as we have removed it from the links directory.

Heoi ano,
maori.org.nz Team
Heoi ano,
maori.org.nz Team
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