July 09 2020 13:29:10
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Maori.org.nz should have a facebook page/group
Think about it Grin
Huia bird
Good Idea Tane'

That way, if anything happens with the main site, we can still be informed Smile Your members will grow faster too.
Yep that really would be a good go to spot for a quick regroup.Worship
Kia Ora Tatou,

If there are no further objections received by Wednesday night I will create the page and let you all know about it on Thursday day.
woohoo yes make a page! Have you made the page yet? I cant see anything on FB
Tane, I loathe Facebook with a passion because to me it seems to be mostly random chatter, instead of the 20 or so topics, each with well-organized threads that were on Maori.org's Papa-panui. Instead of a lot of small groups, each talking on a particular topic, Facebook is like being in a huge crowd, where the subject constantly changes.

I could put a question on Papa-panui, wait a month, two months, and eventually someone would come up with a brilliant response. On Facebook, the same question is lost in the irrelevant chatter. And I could search Maori.org for details of a song, or details about a rare dialect Maori word, and find it. Information on Facebook seems to be scattered like confetti.

Is there any way Facebook can be navigated so that we can back-track the flow of a particular thread that was discussed?
I don't think it is about replacing Maori.org or a separate place for maori.org, more about advertising the site like other sites do.
I am really surprised I couldn’t find you guys on facebook! I am an old member Tane_nz have reregistered, good to be back! I have a fan page.. lets learn maori in Australia, I was hoping you guys would have one too so i could join.
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