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Hori Waaka (George Walker) Whanau
Kia Ora

My book that had the whakapapa of Hori Waaka (George Walker) got taken by my cousin who won't give it back and was wondering if anyone had the 1988 book of this whakapapa or could provide whakapapa in regards to these people

Hori Waaka = Panatita Te Awanui (1st Wife)

1. Heeni Waaka
2. Pare Waaka
3. Rihi Waaka
4. Hurua Waaka

Hori Waaka = Paretuhonoa (2nd Wife)

1. Erena Irihapeti Waaka (My great grandmother)
2. Hori Waaka II or Hori Tamati Waaka
3. Rihipeti Waaka
4. Tamihana Waaka
5. Te Rarangi Waaka

Hori Waaka = Tiki (3rd Wife)

1. Thomas Waaka
2. Maki Waaka
3. Wakena Waaka
4. Piauau Waaka

Any help with providing whakapapa in regards to these whanau members would be much appreciated.

kind regards
would be very interested in contact re your request for info on HORI WAAKA (GEORGE WALKER
still looking for info on Hori Waaka (George Walker) any help would be very greatful
Kia ora,

did hori have any siblings ? My grandfather had a brother called hori and his picture is in our marae up north ? Any pics ? My grandfather being the youngest of 13 stayed on his mothers land while most of his siblings lived down the line as his father was from Waikato/Tauranga Moana .. I do know majority of my grandfathers siblings mokos but i dont seem to know anything about hori walker ..
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