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Te Rohe Potae Treaty Claimes.2013
Tomorrow Wednesday 9 October will be day 3 of 5 days for the Wai 898 Hearing.
Taking place at the Ngati Hikairo Marae held at Waipapa in Kawhia.

Opening submissions; will be those that did not get a turn today being the remainder of the Ngati Te Wehi group into the first quarter tomorrow followed by the Archaeology report of the Oioroa Scientific Reserve at Aotea.

After lunch break 1840-1865; Pre- Native Land Court Alienation.

Followed by Te Rohe Potae Political Engagement 1840-1863, for the next 3 sections into the next day.

Followed by History of pre 1865 Crown Purchase Reserves in Te Rohe Potae, ending at 1730 or there about's.

Last day is O & T Traditional History report Ngati Toa Tupahau, Ngati Toa Tupahau Evidence next 2 hours approx followed by

Ngati Patupo Evidence, and an other number of witness yet to speak, ending the day at 1630 hours
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