July 09 2020 14:41:05
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Looking for Sellars family or Organ
I am looking for my family from New Zealand with the name of Sellars or Organ.I need to check if we are Maori related.
Dave Capper.
Hi Dave, is the Sellars whanau that you are looking for have connection to Captain Daniel Sellars of Tauranga District who was born in Scotland March 1830-arrived in New Zealand 1855 or 1856. I have some information on that Maori line.
Hi there,
From what i know my Great Grand father came from Ireland to Aus with the prisoners from England and then come on to NZ to work on a farm in Howick. My grand was born in Napier and went to SA before the first world war and never came back to NZ.
I would be happy if you can help me as i have heard that we maay be from Maori family.
love to help you Dave but what was your great grandfather's or your grandfathers name?Smile
My grandfathers name was Charles Sellars born in Napier went to South Africa before the first world war.
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