Thread subject: Papa Panui - Notices ::

Posted by kakawahanui on 12-05-2012 21:25

Kia ora whanau!

Did you know that ta moko is diamond engagement rings? No? Well I didn't either until today!

I clicked on the link Ta Moko (33016) - number 3 on the top links at the Papa Panui thought that I would find information about, well, ta moko - that being for want of a better term in english, body tattooing.

Well, imagine my surprise when the page loaded and I could read about diamond engagement rings! Seriously - it seems that is a site that has reinvented itself - I suppose diamond engagement rings are more lucrative than ta moko - well what you and I know as ta moko anyway.

So I have posted this in Maori Sites of Yesteryear seeing as the original site that actually related to tamoko has disappeared.